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Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to common questions we get from builders and developers about joining and using the myHouseby Marketplace.

Marketplace Features

Can I add my listings to my own website?

Yes! Once you add your listings to your account, you’ll be given a piece of code you can use on your own site. This will pull in your myHouseby marketplace listings.

With a Standard or higher account, the listings will contain no myHouseby information, making them looking completely native to your site.

What systems does myHouseby integrate with?

The myHouseby marketplace can integrate with just about any system you need it to. Current integrations include:




Information from myHouseby can be used in your CRM and other software. If you have a specific system you’d like to connect, contact us!

How do I increase my number of listings?

The number of listings and neighborhoods you are permitted is tied to your account level, so you can increase your numbers by bumping up your level. These are:

I saw a map on another builder's listing. How do I get one?

We offer several specialized add-ons to myHouseby marketplace accounts. These involve custom programming, so they aren’t included in the regular levels.

They include:

  • interactive ammenities
  • interactive lot selection
  • neighborhood map

Can I have you add my listings for me?

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Can I copy over my MLS or Zillow listings?

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System Helps

How do I add more images to a listing?

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What size should my images be?

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Where do I get the code to add to my website?

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How do I customize the colors to match my website?

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