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  • Identify consumers with true intent to buy
  • Turn your website into a selling system
  • Accelerate the sales cycle and sell more homes faster
  • Provide the modern sales/purchase processes that sales representatives and consumers have come to expect
  • Enhance your front line sales with pre-purchase and transactional consumer data, to sell earlier and faster

SOLUTIONS from myHouseby Innovations

Take Buyers From Curiosity to Contract On Your Website

The myHouseby Innovations platform is built for versatility to have the latest technology while living directly on your builder site. We provide a direct-to-consumer experience with the ability to allow buyers to discover, design and transact, online from anywhere.



Generate customers from the myHouseby Marketplace with featured product promotions and brand awareness. Your TBBs and existing inventory showcased to new buyers as they search and discover their dream home. Buyers delivered directly to your sales team.

Additional products will be featured based on solutions purchased.

Builder Content interface

Seamlessly update your sales and marketing content for communities, lots, homes, plans, visual content, availability, pricing and much more.

Custom API integrations into your CRM, backend pricing and operations systems available.

Community and Lifestyle Map

Allow buyers to understand proximity to schools, grocery, retail, healthcare and custom locations that are important features and lifestyle components of your community. Buyers can filter and search communities by these features or increase their knowledge by demonstrating proximity to these conveniences.

Example Map

Community Landing Pages

Build your community page powered by the myHouseby platform.

  • Begin the interaction your sales team would have with the buyer online
  • Educate and presell buyers about your products with 2D/3D/VR/AR Immersive Communities, Streetscapes and Home Plans – online structural and interior options
  • Easily integrate all your marketing assets (VR tours, brochures, promotions) on a platform dedicated to new home sales
  • Includes Great Schools Data

Example Collections: Westline | Pioneer Point (don’t miss the school info!)

Inventory Home Listings

Present your current inventory, ready to move in homes, along with your immersive home and community experiences. Update pricing and information instantly on the myHouseby platform, showcase homes on the interactive lot map and on your community page to provide the most information available online to your prospective buyer.

myHouseby Buyer Analytics Dashboard

Buyer Analytics DASHBOARD

Identify consumer trends down to each home, options selected and community location at your fingertips, instantly. Follow the entire customer journey on your site.

myHouseby Innovations Benefits

MyHouseby Innovations Benefits

Reduce Marketing Expense
Speed Project Cycle Time
Reduce Cost of Sale
Increase Margin Per Sale

3D and Virtual Reality Services

Give your front line sales force the most comprehensive and fully immersive experience in market.

Immersive Home Plans

Provide new home buyers with the ability to view their new home in 2D/3D/VR, configure options with real-time pricing and send all of the information to your sales team with the click of a button.

With the myHouseby Innovations platform, integration, custom homes, home searches and favorites are saved to your buyers’ personalized dashboards.

Example Plans: Aristo | Rio Grande | Unit 301

immersive ammenity collection

Showcase the planned amenities within your community by providing users with a 3D/virtual tour of all of the amenities offered. This would include areas such as parks, trails, pools and interior and exteriors of community buildings.

Example Collections: Schwertner | Cumby

Immersive Entry & Streetscape

Give prospective buyers the earliest possible realistic sneak peek of your community, via the main entry and main boulevard. Allow folks to enjoy a “virtual visit” within your community, complete with 10-15 unique home plan elevations. Allows the buyer to understand the community offer, spacing, lot size and exterior features of various home plans.

Allow your buyer to walk into each home by adding immersive home plan integrations.

Example Streetscape

Interactive Community & Lot Map

Provide visitors an early bird’s eye view of your new community. Allow them to preview lot inventory and availability. Maintain real-time updates on lot statuses and premiums to your sales team and on your community website. Offers information on Active, Sold, Reserved, Spec and Model Home Placement. Includes:

  • Address
  • Lot premium costs
  • Detailed info on home plans that can fit on each lot
  • Spec Home Availability/Shows Quick Move Ins
  • Lot size
  • Image Gallery
  • Easily updated by your marketing and sales teams
  • Customizations available upon request

Take home shoppers from curiosity to contract on Your Website

Our Builder Partners

“myHouseby offers a superior way for builders to connect with buyers on THEIR terms–a way that does not exist elsewhere. We look forward to partnering with MHB, specifically to leverage their  technology to connect with better clients more efficiently, while also promoting our unique home plans and their customizable options. MHB’s technological solution on pricing, even with the add-on options, is genius. Technology has completely altered how people buy everything from cars to groceries, so clearly, homes are next and MHB is at the forefront. MHB provides both the technology and innovation to make it happen.”

Lex Zwarun, Principal of Newcastle Homes

“I hope all is well. I wanted to touch base with you guys because all of our Austin area communities are now sold out!…This year was absolutely nuts but I wanted to thank you because your 3D plans impacted our success in selling out so quickly …”

Evie Tavarez, Director of Business Development & Marketing, Blackburn Communities

“Thanks for calling yesterday about the project. As I mentioned in our conversation, we as a company see the value of technology in new developments and construction. We strongly feel that the buying process has changed profoundly due to new technology and the recent pandemic. MyHouseBy, appeals to us because of the virtual products you produce, and do feel that the ability to have sales appointments virtually will appeal to many new buyers, as things are not settle yet. Buyer experiences have and will change because our buyer are more tech savvy, and do substantial research about what they are buying. Having a product like myHouseby give the buyer all of the pertinent information they need to make an educated decision, and will make us stand out in our marketplace.”

Noah Terrazas, Vice President of Sales at Cumby Developments

“One of the biggest challenges for developers is being able to have builders and consumers visualize the communities they’re planning to build. With myHouseby and their suite of products, like the Immersive Amenities Collection, we can overcome this challenge and help us market products, and sell lots on a faster schedule like never before.”

Blake Magee, Principal of Blake Magee Company

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