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myHouseby Transforms the Buying Experience:

  • Identify consumers with true intent to buy
  • Accelerate the buying cycle with more prepared and educated consumers on your website
  • Ensure a modern selling process with the technology and shopping experiences consumers have come to expect online
  • Enhance your front line sales with pre-purchase and transactional consumer data, to sell earlier and faster

Marketplace SOLUTIONS

Tools and features available to all myHouseby members.


Sales Platform

Our sales enablement platform is designed to take your buyers from curiosity to contract on your website, while helping to increase profit and market share.

real-time inventory

Show off all your spec houses alongside your to-be-builts. You can even catch your customer’s eye with special offers on your inventory homes.

myHouseby Interactive Lot Selection

Builder Content Management System

Seamlessly update your sales and marketing information on communities, homes, images, availability, pricing and so much more.

Custom API integrations into your CRM, backend pricing and operations systems available.

Buyer Analytics

Identify consumer trends down to each home, options selected and community location at your fingertips, instantly. Follow the entire customer journey on your site.

myHouseby Buyer Analytics Dashboard
Get highly qualified leads and sell your current and to-be-built inventory in the only platform built strictly for builders and developers.

SOLUTION add-ons

Special customizations you can add to your subscription to make your site stand out.

Interactive Lot Selection

Deliver your sales activity in real-time with an interactive lot map. Offers your buyers information on Active, Sold, Reserved, Spec and Model Home Placement.  See a demo lot selection map here.

myHouseby Immersive Amenities

immersive ammenity collection

Showcase the planned amenities within your community by providing users with a 3D/virtual tour of all of the amenities offered. This would include areas such as parks, trails, pools and interior and exteriors of community buildings.

See an example here

myhouseby Immersive Streetscape

Showcase the planned development with a combination of streetscapes, amenities, home plan offerings and lifestyle components in a 3D/virtual tour.

Develop this offer to fast track city approvals as well as bringing buyers in earlier. Available to your front line sales team before the ground is moved.

myHouseby Fully Customizable Home

fully customizable home

Provide new home buyers with the ability to design their new home in 2D/3D/VR, configure options with real-time pricing and send all of the information to your sales team with the click of a button.

With the myHouseby platform integration, custom homes, home searches and favorites are saved to your buyers’ personalized dashboards.

Fully Customizable Home | Blackburn Homes Website

We take home shoppers

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Our Builder Partners

“myHouseby offers a superior way for builders to connect with buyers on THEIR terms–a way that does not exist elsewhere. We look forward to partnering with MHB, specifically to leverage their  technology to connect with better clients more efficiently, while also promoting our unique home plans and their customizable options. MHB’s technological solution on pricing, even with the add-on options, is genius. Technology has completely altered how people buy everything from cars to groceries, so clearly, homes are next and MHB is at the forefront. MHB provides both the technology and innovation to make it happen.”

Lex Zwarun, Principal of Newcastle Homes

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