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myHouseby delivers home buyers with designed homes already in hand to your sales team by way of an immersive marketplace that allows consumers to discover, personalize, and purchase the exact home they want.

myHouseby also allows builders to reach a broader consumer audience, enhance their marketing efforts, and generate more home sales — all at significantly reduced marketing and sales costs.

Next Generation Marketplace
• A next generation, integrated turn-key selling system provides direct-to-consumer technology designed to modernize the sales process

• Catapults builders into advanced solutions to meet changing consumer behaviors and demands

• Single selling system to learn, select, customize, transact and tract
Active Home Buyers
• Reach the largest, active home buyer audience with fully immersive home design experiences

• Home buyers delivered directly to your sales team with community selections, designed homes, and pricing in hand

• myHouseby eliminates the time and costs typically associated with the new home selling processes
Consumer Intelligence Data
• Builders get pre-purchase consumer data, the most important data a builder can have

• High tech immersive environments with AI driven personalization

• Consumer preferences are rapidly changing; receive buyer insights and voice of the customer reporting to enhance your own marketing efforts

Explore Our Immersive Amenities Collections

Explore Our Immersive Home Collections

Our Builder Partners

Builders Partnering with myHouseby

“myHouseby offers a superior way for builders to connect with buyers on THEIR terms–a way that does not exist elsewhere. We look forward to partnering with MHB, specifically to leverage their Builder Match technology to connect with better clients more efficiently, while also promoting our unique home plans and their customizable options. MHB’s technological solution on pricing, even with the add-on options, is genius. Technology has completely altered how people buy everything from cars to groceries, so clearly, homes are next and MHB is at the forefront. MHB provides both the technology and innovation to make it happen.”

Lex Zwarun, Principal of Newcastle Homes