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“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.” ― Vera Nazarian


More so than anything we’ve seen in a century, COVID-19 has arrived and impacted civilization at what feels like lightning speed. More importantly, we’ve seen businesses respond in kind, adapting to the current situation quickly to accommodate the needs of consumers in these trying times.


We know that new home builders are looking to do the same, to identify innovative ways to reach and connect with buyers now. With the current and foreseeable impact of this global epidemic, builders are transitioning to an online environment to keep lines of communication open and sales transactions progressing. And myHouseby can help.


Take our hand—so buyers can take yours.


It is our pleasure to offer FREE placement and promotion of each of your communities and all of your inventory homes on myHouseby’s new home construction marketplace.


No Charge. No Upfront Costs. 

Open to All Builders.

Simply accept this offer by April 30th.


We’re committed to helping the builder community pivot swiftly and with precision. We are happy to work with your teams to quickly add your communities and move-in ready inventory to our promoted marketplace, allowing more buyers to discover and connect with your sales teams online. 


Our team is also offering “Builder Office Hours,” created so we can quickly address your questions about moving your organization online to sell. If your website is not transaction-ready, myHouseby can help to move buyers through a purchasing process all online with our powerful myHouseby Virtual Sales Center.

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