How to gain competitive advantage now with superior customer experiences


FACT:  When builders deliver superior customer experiences, they gain a real competitive advantage. 


This couldn’t be more true, especially when taking into consideration that residential construction is quickly becoming commoditized. With builders increasingly using the same suppliers and construction processes to build, it’s a race for competitive advantage.  Forging ahead with a technological transition is the best path forward.


This is more important now than ever before, as the current and foreseeable impact of COVID-19 is driving all sectors to adapt. From businesses to schools and everything in between, we’re seeing a rapid transition to online environments to ensure that industry and education can continue to progress. These are unprecedented times and, coupled with already-shifting shopping behaviors, many builders are reevaluating, like never before, their readiness to do business online.


But it’s not about selling—it’s about helping people buy.


Shifting the focus to online experiences driven by your website—a modern-day tool more powerful than your model home—is, without question, a strategic move to gain market share and out-compete. But it’s also the key to providing your buyers with a way to purchase a home now. And from anywhere.

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Helping your customers purchase homes on your website is the next evolution of enhancing the buyer experience and catering to today’s consumer preferences. myHouseby can help you showcase all of your quick move-ins plus allow your buyers to fully customize their home with exterior and interior options, all online. Our Virtual Sales Center provides your buyers with a linear and sequential buying journey to go from curiosity to contract on your website.

Act before April 30th, 2020, and get all your communities and inventory homes featured on the myHouseby marketplace—free of charge!

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