myHouseby Product Launches for March 20th

Discover recently released product features and how they help ensure your website is transaction ready.

We hope you, your employees, and your families are staying safe during this trying time. From the myHouseby team, we are wishing you the very best.

With the current and foreseeable COVID-19 impact, businesses and even our school systems are transitioning to an online environment to keep business and education progressing. Today’s unprecedented time, coupled with already shifting shopping behaviors, has many builders reevaluating, like never before, their readiness to do business online.

myHouseby can help your team transition to an online sales process to minimize the need for numerous in-person meetings and help your customers buy homes online. Reach us at

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School Data 

While the old real estate adage may have been, “location, location, location,” perhaps today’s motto should be, “schools, schools, schools,” as high-ranking school districts have been increasingly hitting homebuyers’ wish lists. 

This week we’re proud to announce that we have launched Great School data. For all builder communities, you will now see a “Nearby Schools & Ratings” section. This new section will show all schools for the community, along with some critical information such as distance to the school. Clicking on each school will take users to the Great Schools page where parents can see reviews, test scores, and more in-depth information. The platform will be automatically refreshing to include new information and new communities will have schools matched systematically. 

Interactive Lot Maps

Big news on Interactive Community Lot Selection! Buyers can view and interact with maps to see which are lots available, reserved, and/or sold, and also have the ability to understand lot pricing as well as which homes can be built on each lot. 


Now, buyers have Lot Selection included in the Fully Customizable Home experience enabling them to select and manage their lot selection while they are customizing a house. Also available are Lot Photo Galleries that can be easily updated in our builder back-end. Finally, we made some significant Lot Map improvements by making the zoom and drag more natural to common user experiences, enabling faster interactions, and shadowing selected lots chosen by buyers.

New Home Builder Interactive Lot Maps

Load Time Decreases Drastically 

myHouseby leads the way with immersive 3D/VR Fully Customizable Home Plans for your customers to design homes online, from anywhere. Our product team significantly sped up the load time for the entire customization experience this past week so that buyers instantly engaged with your homes. 

Partner Integrations

With great excitement, we launched our first two integrations with Homefiniti Home and Community Pricing auto-updates and Lasso CRM lead submissions on consumer appointments. This is a great milestone for our technology platform, as one of our builder promises is to be a complete sales engine that talks to all systems to streamline the work allowing customers to move from curiosity to contract on your website. Many more integrations to come!


As a technology company, we continuously launch new customer-facing product updates weekly! Our builder partners receive all of these product features instantly.


Act before April 30th, 2020, and get all your communities and inventory homes featured on the marketplace—free of charge with your partnership!

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