Choosing the Perfect Lot for Your New Home

Choosing the Perfect Lot for Your New Home

There’s one thing about a home that you absolutely can’t change – the location. Down the road you can decide to change up the decor, remodel or even add on to the home you build, but once the lot is selected that’s where your new home will be forever.

Needless to say, it’s a big decision that can add or detract from your quality of life no matter how you design your house. Here are a few things to think about as you search for the perfect spot to build your custom home.   

Development Around the Area

Is the lot the last one to be developed in the area or is it surrounded by other vacant lots? Getting first pick has its advantages, but there’s also a downside to consider. Once you move in, you may have to deal with ongoing construction as neighbors’ homes are built.

It’s a temporary inconvenience, but some people may prefer to choose a lot where they know what they’re building next to before breaking ground.


You may wonder why some lots cost more than others even though they’re the same size. Sometimes it comes down to what you can see from the lot. A beautiful view of a greenbelt, woodlands, lakes or hill country can add ambiance and real value. If you plan to spend time outdoors, a view could be worth the extra cost.


There’s a lot you can do with landscaping and fencing to increase the privacy of any property. That said, the location and configuration of the lot can also enhance privacy. Lots on a cul-de-sac, backing to a green space or at the end of the street tend to be more private than lots that are surrounded by homes on all sides near entrances and amenities.

Slope and Vegetation

Mature trees are beautiful additions to the yard that can add 7-19% to the value of your property. Lots with several mature trees can be a premium spot, but you’ll want to pay careful attention to where the trees are located.

The existing vegetation and slope can limit where you build on the property as well as the cost. Ideally, you’ll want a property with mature trees at the front or back of the lot for privacy and to allow a wide open space for building without clearing. Trees should be at least 15 feet from the home’s foundation and driveway to prevent root damage.

In terms of slope, flat lots minimize the need for excavation, filling and/or the construction of retaining walls. If there’s a gradual slope to the property that leads away from the home that could be beneficial for drainage.

On undeveloped lots with a lot of vegetation it can be difficult to determine the slope. It may be a good idea to have a surveyor determine the elevation changes and have a discussion with the builder before buying.

All of these factors support the need to find a builder early on before selecting a lot. A builder can help you figure out if a lot will work for the home design you have in mind. Their expertise will save you time, money and frustration by avoiding lots that just aren’t compatible.

With myHouseby, home buyers can connect with a builder at the start of the new home construction process. The myHouseby marketplace helps you find the right partners to ensure your talking to builders early and often even before identifying the right lot for your new construction whether it’s in a master planned community or an infill property.

Proximity to Neighborhood Amenities

Some people want to be right in the middle of the action within walking distance of a community’s amenities. Others would rather be away from the activity in a quiet cul-de-sac. If a community isn’t completely built out, talk with the developers so you know where future amenities will be located in proximity to the lot you want to buy.

Easements, Setbacks and Buildable Area

Have you already used myHouseby to create a personal home plan you’re in love with? If that’s the case you’ll need to find a lot that’s suitable for the plan. It should have enough buildable space, but you can’t base that on the lot dimensions alone. Setbacks and easements can reduce the amount of space you have to build on.

Ultimately, lot preference is a personal choice for each homeowner. The right lot is out there, you just have to know where to look. At myHouseby we give you the tools to find communities with available lots that are perfect for your dream home.

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