How Virtual Reality is Changing New Home Construction

How Virtual Reality is Changing New Home Construction

Virtual reality and augmented reality, or VR and AR, is changing the way we experience life around us. Nowhere is that more apparent than the real estate industry. VR is quickly changing the way builders market new homes and the way people create interior spaces to fit their lifestyles.

Goldman Sachs predicts the VR and AR market will grow to $2.6 billion in the real estate industry by 2025. That means the way we view properties, remodel and construct new homes is destined to dramatically change in the coming years. And the first innovations that leverage this technology are already empowering consumers with enhanced experiences, even if the home hasn’t been built yet.

Virtual Reality is Saving Home Buyers Time

A picture is worth a thousand words, but it still may not tell you the whole story. Virtual reality gives buyers a more realistic view of a home and a better idea of whether it’s a place they can see themselves living.

Before virtual reality, home buyers would have to travel to each property or community they were interested in to get a better feel for the homes. It’s an extremely time-consuming process that can lead to a lot of disappointment when everything is based off of a few photos. Real estate agents and developers believe VR will dramatically reduce this by helping buyers narrow down the selection of homes they want to view in person.

While this may mean fewer in-person showings, it also means higher interest and a better likelihood that the buyer will like what they see.

VR and AR That Makes Home Plans Come to Life

A floor plan or blueprint gives a home buyer an idea of what a home will look like and how the rooms are arranged, but it’s still just a piece of paper.

myHouseby is among the first to give buyers VR and AR tools that go well beyond traditional floor plans. You’ll get a selection of home plans that can be personalized as well as augmented reality tools to see your new home come to life. It’s more than just words and dimensions, it’s a lifelike living space.

With any phone or tablet you’ll be able to see a 3D model of the home right in front of you. There’s an exterior view of the elevation and an overhead view of the interior just like a real model.

These cutting-edge tools generate home plans that are more than just a drawing. Buyers get a better sense of what the home will look like from every angle, which can’t be done in 2D.

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