myHouseby Prepares for Next Round of Growth With New Hires: Terrazas and Siegler

myHouseby, the leading platform for the next generation of new home construction through technology and software, has announced that Guillermo (Memo) Terrazas and Zac Siegler will join the rapidly expanding myHouseby team.  Terrazas will serve as Lead Software Engineer and Siegler as Operations Manager, 

Siegler’s experience has been across multiple verticals allowing him to provide a very holistic point of view to project teams. A graduate of Texas State University, Zac has worked for five years in real estate and homebuilding, including most recently at Volstrukt. His focus is on building and coaching cross-functional teams to use new technologies paired with proven techniques to develop quality products.

Terrazas will join myHouseby coming from top Austin companies such as Blackbaud, Spiceworks and HomeAway. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S in Computer Science in 2015, and is known to obsess over creating products that users will thoroughly enjoy and is always up on the latest trends in the tech industry.

About myHouseby Innovations:

myHouseby is the leading platform for the next generation of new home construction through technology and software that allows home buyers to explore, dream, design and build homes for their individual lifestyle. From home plan discovery to designing and creating a new home within immersive 3D/VR experiences, myHouseby is revolutionizing the new home construction marketplace with a comprehensive connected experience, not only for consumers but for builders and developers as well. The myHouseby immersive design experience can be accessed through the myHouseby platform, the Immersive Amenities Collection or via the myHouseby online subscription for builder and developer websites.  myHouseby is the easiest way to build a new home and make a dream home a reality. For more information, visit

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