myHouseby In The News: Featured on The Real Deal, New York Real Estate News

Startup reduces home design to a few clicks

Texas-based company allows buyers to select design options for new homes.

A Texas company is offering a software tool that allows buyers to customize new homes on a personal computer prior to construction.

Austin-based myHouseby has partnerships with home builders that enable buyers to virtually compare floor plans and select the architectural style, room types, interior finishes and landscaping they want, according to Inman. The tool also allows virtual tours of the customized home.

About myHouseby Innovations

myHouseby is the leading platform for the next generation of new home construction through technology and software that allows home buyers to explore, dream, design and build homes for their individual lifestyle. From home plan discovery to designing and creating a new home within immersive 3D/VR experiences, myHouseby is revolutionizing the new home construction marketplace with a comprehensive connected experience, not only for consumers but for builders and developers as well. The myHouseby immersive design experience can be accessed through the myHouseby platform, the Immersive Amenities Collection or via the myHouseby online subscription for builder and developer websites.  myHouseby is the easiest way to build a new home and make a dream home a reality. For more information, visit

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