How to Consider Your Pets in Your New Home Design

How to Consider Your Pets in Your New Home Design

Pets are extremely important to the people that own them. They are so important, more Millennial first-time home buyers are looking for dog-friendly features than kid-friendly features. That was one of the surprising findings from a recent SunTrust Mortgage survey.

But the trend isn’t isolated to younger buyers. Many empty nesters also have furry family members, and having a pet-friendly home is just as important to them. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) notes that 68% of U.S. households own some sort of pet, with dogs being the most popular (48%).

If you’re in the majority of households that has a pet, there are a number of ways you can design and personalize a new home to make it the most livable space for humans and animals.

Fewer Stairs

Just like people, as cats and dogs age it gets harder to move around. They can have joint problems, reduced vision, and hip dysplasia. The fewer stairs you have the easier it is for them to move around the house.

Secured Yard

Condos have a lot of conveniences, but being able to open a door to let your dog outside isn’t one of them. One of the top features that Millennial home buyers are looking for is a secure, fenced-in yard for their dog. It’s also a must if you have a declawed cat that likes to get outside.

Outdoor Living Space

Your pets love spending time with you as much as you enjoy being with them. If they’re an outside pet (or like to spend the day outside) designing an outdoor living space is a great idea. It’s a very popular home feature that can add value and provides an area for the family to relax outdoors.

Easy to Maintain Flooring Options

When you have a pet accidents are going to happen. Choosing the right flooring can make life a lot easier and preserve the floors. It’s best to choose non-slip, hard surface flooring that’s very durable. If you opt for carpet make sure that it’s highly stain-resistant.

Pet Area in the Mudroom or Laundry Room

When you personalize your own home design you can create a floor plan that makes daily activities more convenient. An option that’s perfect for dog owners is to incorporate a mudroom or laundry room right off the entry into the house so that it’s easy to clean your pooch off before entering the living space. Add a little storage space for brushes, towels, leashes, and treats. This area is also a good spot for feeding and the litter box if you have a cat.

Nearby Dog-Friendly Amenities

When you purchase a new home or one that’s in a master-planned community you aren’t just buying a house. The community amenities are also part of the package. If you’re a dog owner some of these amenities are just as enjoyable for your pooch as they are for you. Look for amenities like:


  • Green space
  • Dog park
  • Hike and bike trail
  • Lakes


All of these amenities add to your quality of life, encourage physical activity and give you a reason to get outside with your dog.

Neighborhood With Animal-Friendly Regulations

In addition to nearby amenities, check the animal regulations for the HOA and the neighborhood at large before you select a place to live. The city’s zoning regulations can limit what types of pets/animals are allowed in an area. The HOA may have additional limitations, including what type of dog can be owned, cleaning up after pets and where they can be walked.

At myHouseby we can help you find a community that fits your pet-friendly lifestyle. Get paired with ideal communities, select personalizable home plans and then start designing the perfect home for you and all your family members!

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