myHouseby Announces Partnership with Kindred Homes in San Antonio

myHouseby announced today that is has partnered with Kindred Homes, an acclaimed home builder in San Antonio, Texas.  myHouseby offers the solution that will revolutionize and redefine the entire new home construction industry making it easier for new home buyers to fulfill their dreams. And for builders and developers, myHouseby delivers qualified, ready to purchase buyers resulting in reduced marketing and sales costs, and increased profit and revenue growth.

By providing home buyers with a single place to discover and personalize the home of their dreams — from coveted neighborhoods to innovative house plans by only the best builders, like Kindred Homes,  with the reputation and expertise to make it happen — myHouseby is the only platform that looks beyond builder inventory, reducing marketing and sales costs while increasing profits and revenue for its builder partners.

Gregg Alvarez, CEO of myHouseby, added, “myHouseby’s innovative approach to new construction allows builders to upload plans, options, pricing and lots into dynamic, immersive experiences for buyers to design their home from anywhere. For our developer partners, we take 2D, 3D, VR and AR renderings of their amenities, lots and extended features to showcase the future community and speed project completion.  It’s a win-win in that we are producing next-generation design experiences for the modern buyer while bringing builders highly qualified, ready-to-purchase buyers. We are out to change the antiquated process of new home construction purchase.”

“We are excited to have Kindred Homes be one of the first builders to partner with myHouseby, ” said Sean McDonald, VP of Business Development & Builders, for myHouseby. “They understand the need to modernize and simplify the new construction sales process that hasn’t changed in decades. myHouseby is revolutionizing new home sales with next-generation technology that can help both the builder and home buyer save time and streamline the process. We have set high expectations for ourselves and we’re happy to have Kindred Homes believe in our innovative solutions and look forward to this collaboration.”

About myHouseby Innovations

myHouseby is the leading platform for new home construction allowing home buyers to discover, design and build homes for their unique lifestyles. From home plan discovery to designing and creating a new home, myHouseby is revolutionizing the new home construction marketplace. myHouseby is the easiest way to build a new home and make your dream home a reality. For more information, visit 

About Kindred Homes

Kindred Homes, is a family-led business that puts family first. Kindred Homes is owned and operated by Trent Horton, Terry Horton, and Glen Bellinger.  All three know a thing or two about the building industry which has run through their veins for their entire careers.  After a recent partnership restructuring, Kindred Homes has emerged from the former Wall Homes partnership, with Trent Horton and Terry Horton at the helm. For more information, visit

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