7 Ways to Personalize Your New Home

7 Ways to Personalize Your New Home

Your home is a true reflection of you and your personal style. It starts with the home style you choose and the layout. Then there are material selections and major design choices like countertops, flooring, and cabinets. As everything comes together, you’ll start to see a home that’s uniquely you.

All the little touches can also make a big difference in expressing personality throughout your home before and after the build is complete. Here are 7 easy ways everyone can personalize their new home.

Paint, Paint, Paint

A unique paint color doesn’t have to be reserved for the walls of a specific room. You can use paint to add a personal touch all around the house. Use it on:

  • The front door
  • Cabinets
  • Furniture
  • Wood stairs
  • Accent walls

Another alternative is to use wallpaper, which is making a comeback in home decor. If that seems a little too permanent you can use wall decals instead to add a print with personality.


It’s amazing how hardware can add a sense of style to plain cabinets and drawers. They can be sleek and modern or ornate and glamorous. Another piece of hardware that can show off your personal style is door knobs.

Add Lighting Options

Even if you love all the fixtures you just choose for your new house there are other ways you can use lighting to change up the look and feel of a room. Lamps help add extra lighting options and show off personal style. The light bulbs you choose can also make a difference. There are smart bulbs that change color and be dimmed using an app.


Most people opt for plain white faceplate around their outlets and light switches. But if you visit a local home store you’ll find that there are a lot of stylish options. Since many outlets are meant to blend in with the wall, you may want to use this personal touch only on light switches in the common areas or bedrooms.

Window Treatments

You’ll make a number of choices at the design center that will be incorporated into the build of your new home. However, one thing that you’ll add after you move in is the window treatments. Whether you go with wood blinds, plush curtains or roller shades, the window treatments are another way to add personality to the interior decor.

Stylish Outdoor Living Space

Did you add a patio, deck or porch to your new home? This outdoor living space gives you ample opportunity to show off a lot of style. From furniture to firepits to rugs, you can create an outdoor room that expresses loads of personality.

Knick Knacks and Art

As you pack up, take an inventory of what you own and start creating a plan for how you’ll display knick-knacks and art around your new home. These items are a real reflection of your personality. They may be things you picked up during your travels, part of your favorite hobby, items from a personal collection or artwork that taps into your emotions. Either way, take time to find the perfect spaces in your new home to show them off.

Find a customizable home design that reflects your personal style at myHouseby.com. Choose the design you like best then start personalizing it to fit your needs and unique tastes. Take the personalization a step further with virtual reality technology that gives you an in-depth look at the interior decor!

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