Top 10 VR Headsets

Top 10 VR Headsets

Over the last decade, virtual reality (VR) technology has progressed at a lightning fast pace. First, it was considered a source of entertainment for gamers, but people quickly realized the applications went far beyond fun and games.

In the housing industry, VR technology is being used to improve home design in amazing ways. Some builders are even beginning to toy with the idea of 3D home design and using VR tours to show buyers what a new home can look like once it’s built. But in order to do that you need a VR headset.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your video game experience, want to decorate a room before buying a single piece of furniture or plan to build a home, here are some of today’s top VR headsets for making it a reality.

Best VR Goggles

The Long-Standing Frontrunner – Oculus Rift

Compatible With: PCs

Price: $399

Oculus was one of the first to step out as a frontrunner in VR headsets, and they continue to be a favorite. The Oculus Rift model is extremely popular, receiving high ratings for being lightweight, comfortable to wear and provides a very realistic experience.

Best Google Option – Google Daydream View

Compatible With: Android Phones

Price: $99

The Google Daydream View VR headset is the best high resolution, budget-friendly option for Android users. One unique bonus is that the headset syncs with Chromecast so others can see what you see on the TV.

Best Standalone VR Headset – Oculus Go

Compatible With: N/A

Price: $199

Some VR headsets don’t require any additional equipment. These are known as standalone headsets, and users agree the Oculus Go is a winner. You can enjoy over 1,000 VR apps with the headset alone.

Easiest Setup and Adjustments – HP Mixed Reality Headset

Compatible With: Windows PCs

Price: $245

Ease of use is the top benefit of the HP Mixed Reality headset. It’s designed to set up quickly and adjust easily. The visor also flips up and down making it easy to go between virtual reality and the real world.

Most Comfortable VR Headset – Merge VR Goggle

Compatible With: Android and iPhone

Price: $29

The price is very comfortable on your wallet and the foam material of the Merge VR Goggle makes the headset extremely comfortable to wear. It’s somewhat limited in terms of apps and games, but it’s a great introduction to VR technology.

Best Professional-Grade VR Headset – HTC Vive Pro

Compatible With: PCs

Price: $799

HTC Vive Pro headsets aren’t cheap, but for businesses that are leveraging VR technology, it’s a good investment. You won’t find better resolution and the floor to ceiling motion tracking provides a very immersive experience. Add in 360-degree hi-res audio with noise cancellation and it’s easy to see why this VR headset is considered more powerful than other options.

Top Samsung VR Headset – Samsung Gear VR

Compatible With: Samsung Galaxy

Price: $95

If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone the options are limited, but at least the Samsung Gear VR headset is a fantastic option. Some even rate it the best mobile headset overall due to the motion controller that rivals the quality of the HTC Vive controller.

Best Gaming Console VR Headset – PlayStation VR

Compatible With: PS4

Price: $299

Anyone who has a PS4 has probably already considered getting a PlayStation VR headset. It offers better image quality than mobile headsets that’s on par with hefty PC performance.

Amazingly Immersive Experience – Lenovo Mirage Solo With Daydream

Compatible With: N/A

Price: $399

The Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream is a standalone headset that works using the Google VR platform. The gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and dual tracking cameras allow for all sorts of movement, which makes for a very immersive experience.

Best Budget-Friendly Option – Pansonite VR Headset

Compatible With: Android and iPhone

Price: $50

There are cardboard headsets that are really cheap ($15), but they aren’t the most durable. The Pansonite VR Headset offers a great blend of affordability, durability and functionality. Extras like the adjustable lens and T-strap make it a top pick for people on a budget.

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