What is 3D Home Design?

What is 3D Home Design?

The last few years have been astonishing in terms of new tools for designing homes. Suddenly augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D design are becoming available during the home building process, and myHouseby is the first to offer this technology to buyers for free.  Three-dimensional design tools, in particular, are proving to be especially beneficial for buyers that want to build a home with personalized touches and design options suited for their lifestyles.

How 3D Home Design is Used

Since the technology is so new, many home buyers haven’t yet experienced 3D home design. Designing in 3D means that myHouseby is able to create a virtual model of the design that is a truer representation of what the home will look like after construction.

Three dimensional home design actually starts with a 2D floor plan of the layout and room dimensions. The beauty of 3D design technology is that home plans can be saved and shared. Home buyers can view the 3D models on their computer, tablet, or phone without having to download software or apps. These new tools can be found in the myHouseby marketplace where buyers can discover and design their new homes in 2D, 3D, and VR.

Why 3D Home Design Tools Are a Must

Why are more builders making use of 3D home design technology? Because they’re highly beneficial for home buyers and make it easier to perfect the final product.

Many elements go into the emotional process of building a home. It’s a huge investment, which will certainly drum up emotions. The architecture itself has an emotional impact, but when it’s your home there’s a deeper connection.

Better Perspective of the Final Product

The chief benefit of using 3D home design technology is that you get a better idea of how a home will look and flow once it’s built. Not being able to see the finished product at purchase is a little nerve-wracking for some home buyers. With 3D technology, it’s possible to virtually walk through the house in a way that’s similar to touring an existing model home. With myHouseby buyers can personalize their homes in this view so they can see their design options come to life in front of them.

More Immersive Than 2D Floor Plans

Architects and builders are accustomed to reading 2D plans, but it’s not something that most people are used to doing. myHouseby brings both 2D and 3D immersive experiences to life, allowing home buyers to design and visualize their homes with next-generation technology.

Easier to See Your Design Come to Life

Being able to virtually walk through the home design makes it easier for both designers and buyers to spot color issues, layout, and overall flow. It’s also simpler because the buyer can show the designer what they want to be changed rather than trying to verbalize it.

Aids in Material Selection

Sometimes the materials you select in the design center don’t come together in the way you expected. A 3D home design that includes details such as paint colors, countertops, cabinetry, and flooring gives you a better idea of which materials will work best together.

Get a 3D look of your personalized home design at myHouseby.com. Our next generation technology makes it possible to personalize a home and see it come to life.

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