What Are the 2019 New Home Design Trends?

What Are the 2019 New Home Design Trends?

When you begin the process of building your dream home there are so many considerations it can be simultaneously overwhelming and exhilarating. After all, how many times in life do you get the opportunity to design a home that’s made for you and the way you live.

Of course, after putting so much time, energy and money into the endeavor you’ll want to make sure your home is futureproofed as much as possible and on trend. While you’re in the early stages of building, now is the time to take a look at some of the popular new home design trends of 2019.

Art Deco Features and Architecture

Mid-century modern has been trendy for years, but in 2019 art deco is primed to become the new throwback for modernism in the current era. While mid-century modern focuses on minimalistic clean lines and natural materials, art deco has the same geometric appeal with a touch of opulence.

Two ways to incorporate art deco inside your home design is with a few stained glass lighting fixtures and blending different types of metal finishes. Outside of the house stone in a herringbone pattern and clean, streamlined designs will harken back to the art deco architecture heyday.

Bold Matte Black

Daring homeowners have slowly been embracing black as a neutral color. Next year, decorators and designers are predicting that matte black will replace grey in many homes. Some people are going bold will floors, cabinets and walls swathed in matte black. It creates a statement, but black works best in spacious rooms that are otherwise light for the most dramatic effect.

Relaxation Space

Architectural trends are often a reflection of the world we live in and changing needs. Many people will agree relaxation is a definite need in today’s hectic world. This year, zen gardens are a big trend outdoors. In 2019, more builders will be including relaxation spaces inside that are designed to help the homeowners unwind. These are small, quiet retreats that aren’t part of the community space. However, it could be a flex space that doubles for another purpose if you’re short on square footage.

Integrated Technology

As more smart home devices, appliances and systems hit the market, they’re becoming commonplace. What is changing is the way that technology is integrated into the home design. To be more exact, it will be more integrated in 2019 than before so that features blend in and are customized to the homeowner’s needs. The best way to achieve this is during the build phase when you can figure out how to optimize Wi-Fi and seamlessly incorporate smart features.

Brushed Gold Fixtures and Sinks

Gold has gotten a bad reputation due to the low-quality, shiny hardware and fixtures of the 1980s. Slowly this metal finish has been making a resurgence with an elevated update. Instead of being bright and shiny, gold will have a sophisticated brushed or matte finish in 2019.

A 2018 Trend That Will Be Even Bigger in 2019

One home design trend that will likely be bigger than ever in 2019 is creating blended indoor/outdoor spaces. Large windows and sliding glass doors that connect the inside living space with an outdoor living space is something more and more homeowners are requesting.

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