House Plans for Empty Nesters

House Plans for Empty Nesters

There are a lot of milestones in life that have an affect on what’s considered the ideal living situation. One of those times is when you start having kids, and another is when those children leave the nest.

Many empty nesters find that it’s the perfect time to build the home they always dreamed of that may not have been realistic while raising kids. If you’re ready to focus on a living space made just for you, look for house plans with the following features that are popular with today’s empty nesters.

Aging in Place Design

Many empty nesters look at the home they have after kids as the last house they’ll probably own. Needless to say, it’s a place where you plan to grow old. With that in mind, you’ll want to incorporate aging in place design.

A lot of factors can be incorporated with aging in place design, which is meant to make a home safer for people of all ages. Most of these design elements blend right in so they don’t affect the look of the interior decor, and some are even aesthetically preferable.

One-Level is the Most Popular

A core element of aging in place design is keeping a home to one story. Many builders across the U.S. have found that one-story ranch-style homes are very popular with empty nesters over 55 years old, and it’s one of the most popular home styles in Texas for homeowners of all ages.

One-level homes are simply more convenient, especially for older individuals that don’t want to wear themselves out climbing stairs every day. Health conditions associated with aging, such as knee injuries and reduced eyesight, also make a one-story much safer.

Extra Space for the Family

The kids may be gone, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming back. Building a home gives you a chance to create a space that’s ideally set up for house guests, or even for adult children that may end up moving back in for a short period.

You may want to consider a multigenerational house plan if you’ll have visitors on a regular basis. This setup will give you a primary living space that’s easy to maintain, and another private area for guests. This is great if you have grandkids coming to visit since the play area can be separate from your meticulously maintained common areas.

Smaller Square Footage, Easier Maintenance

Downsizing is a common trend among empty nesters. With fewer people in the house, it makes more sense from a maintenance perspective. A smaller footprint also makes a new home more affordable to purchase and own so you have more money to sink into your retirement fund.

This often doesn’t mean a significant reduction in square footage. It’s more about a reconfiguration with open floor plans that make the home feel more spacious and flexible.

Custom, High-End Finishes

Another benefit to going slightly smaller is that there’s room in the build budget to add custom, high-end finishes. This is something that’s at the top of the must-have list for most empty nesters.

The kitchen is where many empty nesters go all out with upgrades. Custom cabinets, upscale appliances, and an oversized island make the space more functional while making it look fantastic.

Find customizable house plans for empty nesters with all of these features at! Take the first step and discover your ideal home plan and available communities that fit your lifestyle.

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