Why Planning Your Outdoor Living Space Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

Why Planning Your Outdoor Living Space Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

Outdoor living spaces have undergone serious transformations over the last decade. Back then they were fairly basic – a deck, some patio furniture and maybe an awning. Today, these areas are a cost-effective way to increase livable space and there are no limits to what can be done outside, which is why outdoor living spaces shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Create Flow From the Inside to the Outside

One of the most important reasons to plan your outdoor space when you’re building a home is so that you can create a nice flow from the inside to the outside. Good flow is one of the top considerations for many designers and homeowners. When the spaces flow together it creates a more cohesive appearance and connects the indoors with the outdoors.

Open design is one way to create a smooth flow between the spaces. The focus is on large windows, wide doors that open to the outdoor living area and smooth transitions. The outdoor living should also be connected to the indoor entertainment areas so that it’s easy to move from one to the other. This is much easier to accomplish if you design the outdoor spaces and indoor spaces at the same time.

If outdoor living is a part of your lifestyle you may even want to select a home plan that already has a space outdoors incorporated into the design. These designs are created with optimal flow in mind.

Plan Ahead of Time for Complementary Features

Designing all of your living spaces at once gives you the opportunity to incorporate a lot of features that compliment one another without being repetitive. That way you can get more out of your build budget.

Outdoor kitchens are a good example. If you plan everything together you can arrange the spaces so that less equipment is needed outside. For instance, you can add a pass through window between the indoor and outdoor kitchens so that two sinks aren’t needed. You may also find that some equipment, like a beverage cooler, makes more sense outside and saves space in your indoor kitchen for extra storage.

The same holds true for a fireplace. You may discover that it will cost far less to add a fireplace outside compared to having one indoors. You’ll still get to enjoy the feature, and it will make your outdoor living space more cozy during the fall and winter.

Pre-Planning Makes Outdoor Spaces a Budget-Friendly Priority

When you’re building a home that’s the perfect time to plan your outdoor living space because it will become a budget priority. Waiting until after the home is completed will mean the outdoor living space isn’t factored into the build budget or the loan, if you are using one to purchase a new house. You’ll have to come up with a separate budget and the means for covering the cost of the outdoor features.

If you wait until after the home is built it may take some time to save up for your dream outdoor space. The cost may also be higher if you do it as a separate project compared to having the builder add it to the home build. If an outdoor space fits into your build budget go ahead and plan it out now so you can enjoy it the day you move in and get the full value.

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