Fall 2018 Home Styles and Decor Trends You’ll Want to Consider

Fall 2018 Home Styles and Decor Trends

The weather will soon be cooling off, which means fall styles and decor will be heating up. If you’re building a new home you may want to consider these popular fall 2018 home styles and decor trends to create a chic abode inside and out.

Urban Flair in Suburbia

More Millennials are moving to the suburbs, and they’re bringing an urban eye for design with them. Not only are developers beginning to design communities around Millennials desire for mixed use, walkability and green space, they’re also expanding the home styles.

Modern architecture is still going strong, and it’s officially made its way to the ‘burbs. Uber contemporary styles with clean lines, large windows and no ornate details are more popular than ever, even in planned suburban communities.

Fencing is a great example of this trend that you’ll continue to see more of this fall. Instead of the traditional white pickets and vertical boards, many fences are now being built with a horizontal design and interesting metal hardware.

Luxury Home Styles Are Taking a Look Back in Time

Many new homeowners prefer modern, contemporary styles. Designers also agree. In 2018, 65% of designers and architects prefer contemporary projects

But luxury buyers are becoming more fond of architecture from the past. Right now craftsman, bungalow, storybook and Spanish colonial revival styles are all making a comeback. These homes are thoroughly modern and updated on the inside, but the style speaks to architecture that’s been around for 100+ years.

Trendy Fall Paint Colors for Your Interior and Exterior

Autumn colors are expected in the fall, and Pantone’s Color of the Year may be ultra violet, but their fall color forecast is all about bright hues. In the fall Pantone makes predictions about which colors will be on-trend in the fashion world. These colors, in a more subdued palette, also tend to show up in home decor.

This fall Pantone picked 10 expressive shades and five core colors that you’re sure to see throughout the season. As you select the interior paint, cabinets and other finishing touches for your new home you may want to use Pantone’s picks as inspiration. Their core colors is a great set of neutrals that help to balance vibrant colors in your home decor.

Homeowners are making bold statements with their exterior paint this year as well. A growing trend is to pair a neutral wall color and slightly off-white trim with a vibrant accent color

Another alternative is white walls and white trim with a colorful accent. The accent color can be added to the door, window frames, around the garage and the porch roof. A great example of this trend is instead of a red door, many homeowners are going bold with a rustic orange door this fall. Perfect for the autumn season!

On the exterior warm neutrals are also giving way to cooler tones like blue-grey. Greige has also made it’s way from the inside to the outside of homes. This again is partially due to Millennial movement and veering towards more modern home style.

Of course, your home style and landscaping have a huge impact on exterior color. The paint experts at Clark+Kensington recommend taking a hard look at your roofing, stonework and surrounding vegetation before choosing the colors that are the most fitting.

Textures You Can Warm Up To

In 2017, minimalism and hard surfaces were all the rage. This fall it’s on trend to warm up spaces with texture. Layered textures help to warm up modern interiors while also adding visual interest. Velvet and rich, soft leather are two textures that are bound to be big during fall 2018.

See how these fall 2018 trends will look in your new home with the design tools from myHouseby. Find home plans that fit your style, then personalize them with unique features. Once you’re done you can save your new home design or take a virtual tour to see what it looks like inside and out.

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