Should You Use Aging in Place Design?

Should You Use Aging in Place Design?

Should you use aging in place design elements in your new home? It’s a question many people don’t think to ask as they design their home, but it’s one worth considering no matter how old you are.

What is Aging in Place Design?

Where do you see yourself living after retirement? If you’re like 75% of people you envision yourself living the rest of your days in your current home or the one that you’re in the process of building. But if your home isn’t equipped for your golden years that could be next to impossible.

Aging in place design, also known as universal design, is a relatively new concept for many homeowners, but it’s growing in popularity. As Baby Boomers age and the population grows older, aging in place design is expected to become more common. However, designers and builders agree even middle-aged people and young families that are building a home should heavily consider their aging in place options.

Aging in place design is all about ease of use and improved safety at every age. By making the home more accessible and functional, it allows older individuals to live independently in their own home for longer periods, which is something that appeals to any homeowner. In many regards, aging in place design is an effective way to futureproof your home.

A Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) can help you identify your current needs and show you how to plan for the future before building gets underway. They can suggest builder upgrades, low-maintenance materials and help you decide between a two-story or one-story design. It’s an investment that will pay off for years to come if you plan to live in the home the rest of your life.

Why Homeowners of All Ages Should Consider Aging in Place Design

If you plan to live in your new home well into retirement, then using aging in place design is an easy decision. For young couples and families it may not seem like an immediate need, however, when you weigh all the options you may change your mind.

Aging in place design is focused primary on seniors, but the universal concepts benefit people of all ages. Best of all, aging in place involves simple design choices that are easy to implement and blend right in without disrupting the aesthetics of a home.

Here are a other reasons why more people are using aging in place design:

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