How to Get Started Building a New Home: Discover

Find your Perfect Home Plan!

Discovering a Way to Improve the Antiquated Process of New Home Building

It seems ironic that in most circumstances building a new home is still an old-school process. Home buyers would have to research communities across multiple websites to find one that fits their lifestyle. Then you’d have to go from one builder neighborhood to the next and view multiple floor plan books or resources trying to find the right home plan that comes close to what you envisioned.

The information was all over the place and there was no way to compare homes, neighborhoods and personalize home plans to know if you were building the right home for you. Then myHouseby came along.

With myHouseby the discover phase is remarkably simple. We’ll walk you through a series of selections that focus the options on exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll provide answers for things like which home style you like best and what type of community fits your lifestyle. Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers, and you can select multiple options during your search.

Here’s how it works:

1. Begin your journey by selecting a location for your new home. You can choose to use your current location, another address or zip code to define the search area.

2. Next, fill in the discover criteria that best suites you. Your search can include home style, rooms, amenities, or by price. You’ll only see home plans that fit within your filters.

3. You can then define what you want room-by-room. This allows you to go well beyond simply selecting the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. In each room, you can specify what options you want within the home, specific features and more.

myHouseby will provide you with available home plans from local builders that meet your criteria at any stage of your search. All home builders are pre-qualified by myHouseby based on their standards of excellence. Click on an option to get more details for comparing and contrasting home plans in both new communities and existing neighborhoods within your budget. See the floor plan, different elevations, additional personalized options and a photo gallery. You can even preview the home plan in 3D.

Finding a workable home plan for a new home build really can be that simple and transparent when you have the right tools that utilize next-generation technology.

Discover Your New Home Now

Once you’ve found home plans in neighborhoods where you want to live and build, it’s time for the next phase – designing your dream home.

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