Designing Your New Home, Getting Started

It’s time to Personalize

Now is the time to start applying the ideas you conjured up in the dream phase and pairing them with what you found in the discover phase. We’re talking about home design!

Before you can begin building a new home, the builders need to have a finalized home plan to work with. In the past, personalizing a home plan meant relying on the builder’s architects or spending hours at the builder’s design center.

Today, with myHouseby home design is simplified – no engineering or architecture degree required. You also won’t have to visit a design center to figure out that’s possible and how much it will cost.

Making a Home Plan That’s For You, By You

Once you’ve discovered your home plan you’re ready to start personalizing. Instead of breaking out the grid paper and a pencil, you can use our online platform to change the layout, move walls and add features with ease.

You’ll have a variety of home options to choose from right down to the kitchen island. All you have to do is select a room to find ways to personalize it with a click. As you select your options, the home plan will update to reflect your changes so you can visualize everything.

Augmented and 3D Virtual Reality
That Brings Your Home Design to Life

Why limit yourself to a 2D view when you can virtually step inside your custom home design? myHouseby goes beyond standard home plan design with an augmented and 3D virtual reality platform that gives you an in-depth look at what you’ve built.

Use any smartphone or tablet to see a 3D model right before your eyes or take a virtual tour of the inside of the home. Walk from room to room to decide if your design needs any adjustments. Getting to see your home inside and out before it’s built helps ensure your home turns out the way you envisioned.

Know the Price of Personlization
in Real Time

Personalization can get costly. Too often people spend time and energy creating a custom design only to find that all the changes push the home out of their price range. It’s frustrating, dejecting and totally unnecessary.

myHouseby was built to provide price updates in real time so you can see the cost of each personalization. You’ll also get a rundown of the total cost after all of the options are in place. There are no surprises or disappointment because each change gives you the information you need to stay within budget.

Confidently visualize the end result with myHouseby’s platform!

Once you’re happy with your personalized home plan you’re ready to move on to the final step – connecting with a builder!

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